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New Design

Wow, if you didn’t notice already the site went through a complete makeover, and it looks a lot better. There are still some bugs and other things that I would like to touch up but it is fine for the time being. Probably the biggest news about the new layout is that it now displays correctly in all browsers! I know! I decided to use tables instead of the easier div/css method which IE doesn’t play well with.

If you liked the old design better (which I don’t think anyone does) I’ve implemented a theme changer on the side bar so that you can select which works best with your eyes.

Another update that you should notice is the new poll on the sidebar. It’s a nice feature but it takes up a lot of space so it may not stay long.

Also check out the archives. I’m still working on this but it has a really cool way to search through old post archives.

In other news I have been offered to make a website for a local fish shop. I have a meeting with the owner on Tuesday so I might have more information then, but for now all I know is that their main focus is selling African Cichlids. I will be pretty busy in the next month because they are in a hurry to get everything done, so don’t expect to hear from me a whole lot.

Welcome To My Place

Welcome. This blog is where I will express myself about many things as well as show a little of my graphical talent. I will be updating this site as I progress with my experiences with PHP and CSS. Most of the layout is done, the only things I have planned are to add a few features to the site bar, one in which is a “iSight(Apple Web Camera)”:http://apple.com/isight feed. I haven’t had time to figure out how it will work but I promise it will be done. Stay tuned, a lot of updates will take place within the next few weeks and I hope to provide plenty of content to keep you busy. Warning: This site does not look right in Internet Explorer and I have no intention on making it IE compatible. Please use Firefox.