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PS3 Meets King Kong

This monster is huge. There is no way this will be a success in Japan unless they cut the size down dramatically.


My Desk

I spent some time yesterday cleaning my desk so I though I’d post a shot of it and describe what all is on it.

  1. Highly modified Xbox complete with the usual mods plus a nice jewel light mod that I did a while back. Soon to be completely white.
  2. iSight camera. Used for video chatting and security purposes.
  3. Sony PSP (Currently charging from playing too much Burnout Legends).
  4. Apple sticker!
  5. Logitech 2.1 speakers.
  6. Yes, it’s Master Chief.
  7. Bose Triport headphones (omg they kick ass).
  8. Fairly new Sony Ericsson S710.
  9. Apple iPod 3G 20GB. Right now it serves as a external harddrive until I get my replacement battery for it.
  10. Apple iBook.
  11. Logitech Cordless Precision controller for the Xbox.
  12. Apple Keyboard and Macally mouse.
  13. Epson C84 printer.

Ry, Control Your Mac With Your PSP

Here is a pretty cool program for you Mac users with a PSP. Ry sets up a server on your Mac that will let you control iTunes, Safari, and DVD, as well as read your email and look at your clock. It is still in early development but I have a feeling this will go far.

I remember a while back I made something similar for my Xbox. I used XBMC’s webserver and my PSP with a custom webpage to control everything in XBMC. It was pretty nice to use my PSP to watch videos and listen to music on my Xbox. I’ll try to dig it up and show how I got it to work.

But If you have a Mac and own a PSP, check it out.

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