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WordPress Wallpaper

I got bored today and saw something that inspired me to create a simple WordPress wallpaper for myself and thought I’d share.

Quick Site Update


Just a quick update. I have updated the blog to WordPress 2.0 and K2 r153 with very few problems. I have also decided to do away with categories and start using tags. You can view the tag cloud on the archive page and there is also a list of used tags under the date on each post.

I am in the process of tweaking the K2 template as well as applying tags to all the previous posts.

Version 3, A Live Update


Keep in mind, this is a live update. All changes are being made right in front of your eyes. Problems may occur.

As you can tell, the site as been undergoing a new look. I have decided to use Michael Heilemann’s K2 template because of the flexibility and integration of some amazing features. K2 is basically an extensive WordPress template that adds the latest features in web development such as AJAX-powered commenting and live searching, aside posting, and support for easy CSS style switching.

I have implemented some new features myself so far. The Time of Day plugin displays a descriptive comment based on what time of the day a comment or post was made rather than displaying the actual time. Other changes are in the works.

I am currently working on my own custom CSS template as you can tell from the yellow alert box at the top of the front page. I will be keeping everyone updated with the progress of the new style with the percentage in the alert box. Some changes include a major color scheme modification as well as the header image which was a photograph that I took of the Mac OS X screensaver, Flurry. It took about nine tries before I finally snapped a photo that looked nice. Expect a S710 theme based on some of the photos.

New Design

Wow, if you didn’t notice already the site went through a complete makeover, and it looks a lot better. There are still some bugs and other things that I would like to touch up but it is fine for the time being. Probably the biggest news about the new layout is that it now displays correctly in all browsers! I know! I decided to use tables instead of the easier div/css method which IE doesn’t play well with.

If you liked the old design better (which I don’t think anyone does) I’ve implemented a theme changer on the side bar so that you can select which works best with your eyes.

Another update that you should notice is the new poll on the sidebar. It’s a nice feature but it takes up a lot of space so it may not stay long.

Also check out the archives. I’m still working on this but it has a really cool way to search through old post archives.

In other news I have been offered to make a website for a local fish shop. I have a meeting with the owner on Tuesday so I might have more information then, but for now all I know is that their main focus is selling African Cichlids. I will be pretty busy in the next month because they are in a hurry to get everything done, so don’t expect to hear from me a whole lot.

Site Update #1

Today I got a little bored and decided to add Gravatar support to the comments. I primarily did this to familiarize myself with PHP and how other syntax works. But if anyone reads this (which I doubt they do) feel free to drop a comment. Give me some suggestions and comments on what you think and don’t forget to sign up for a Gravatar so that everyone can recognize you.