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Ceramic White PSP

Ceramic PSP

Back in late November, I had a disappointing situation with my PSP. Wendy, being the greatest girlfriend that she is, decided to get me a new PSP as an early birthday gift and it arrived today. This isn’t the ordinary black Playstation Portable. She got me the Japanese exclusive, ceramic white PSP! The white looks absolutely amazing and it doesn’t leave behind fingerprints near as bad as the black. You can check out some pictures of it on my Flickr page.

Other great news is that I will also continue development on the PSP start page. So, if you have a PSP, check it out. I plan on getting some nice new features out fairly soon.

Worst Thanksgiving, Ever

Broken PSP

So yesterday I was at my grandparents eating and enjoying time with the family. Everything was going perfect. As we were on our way out the door I dropped my PSP. Immediately I panicked. I handed the PSP to Wendy and told her to check it and make sure it worked. As I proceeded to back out of the driveway I asked her, “Does it work?” and she said “I don’t know. I can’t turn it on.”

Yep, the power switch broke. I can’t turn on my PSP. If anyone has any advice or knows where I can get a cheap replacement for the power switch circuit board, please let me know.

I’ve calmed down a little, I’m really hoping for a Video iPod for Christmas.


So today I decided to trade in some unwanted PSP games for the new Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. I wasn’t too excited about it before the release, but after reading a lot of the reviews I decided to give it a shot. I’m a big fan of the previous GTA games, and so far this one hasn’t let me down. I’m not too far in to the game but I’ll try to get a review, or some tips up or something.

Now it’s time to go play.


My Desk

I spent some time yesterday cleaning my desk so I though I’d post a shot of it and describe what all is on it.

  1. Highly modified Xbox complete with the usual mods plus a nice jewel light mod that I did a while back. Soon to be completely white.
  2. iSight camera. Used for video chatting and security purposes.
  3. Sony PSP (Currently charging from playing too much Burnout Legends).
  4. Apple sticker!
  5. Logitech 2.1 speakers.
  6. Yes, it’s Master Chief.
  7. Bose Triport headphones (omg they kick ass).
  8. Fairly new Sony Ericsson S710.
  9. Apple iPod 3G 20GB. Right now it serves as a external harddrive until I get my replacement battery for it.
  10. Apple iBook.
  11. Logitech Cordless Precision controller for the Xbox.
  12. Apple Keyboard and Macally mouse.
  13. Epson C84 printer.

MemoryStick Mayhem


Three months ago I had never used a Sony MemoryStick. Now, I have four. And surprisingly, I use all four on a daily basis. I have two cards for my Sony PSP, and two for my S710. It’s crazy.

I promise, I’ll get those S710 themes out soon. Hang tight.