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It’s Been A While

I haven’t been able to post recently mainly because I have nothing to talk about, but I’ve decided to give a few updates on what has been going on.

First off, if you use Internet Explorer you probably aren’t reading this right now. Reason is, I’ve blocked all IE users from the site because IE can’t keep up with the compliant standards of the W3C, therefor my site is a bit ugly. I have stated this in the first post but I have noticed some IE users coming and going. I’ll say it again. Please use Firefox or any other browser besides Internet Explorer.

You will see a string of randomizing text in the lower right side of the header image. Those are random quotes from the Nine Inch Nails With Teeth album. I’m not completely sure if I like it but we will see, I might just need to find a better position for it.

Next thing you will notice is a new RSS feed on the sidebar. That is my Digg feed. Digg is basically a user submitted news site with easy built in features to collect and build your own database of stories to put on your site, somewhat like Delicious but Digg is much easier with better information. Update: Since Digg updates with new articles often I have decided changed the size of the feed to show 20 articles rather than 5. This way no one will miss any articles.

Also, I am thinking of doing a complete redesign of the site. I am one of those people who can’t stand to look at the same thing day after day, so once I come up with a new scheme or layout expect to see some drastic changes.

Welcome To My Place

Welcome. This blog is where I will express myself about many things as well as show a little of my graphical talent. I will be updating this site as I progress with my experiences with PHP and CSS. Most of the layout is done, the only things I have planned are to add a few features to the site bar, one in which is a “iSight(Apple Web Camera)”:http://apple.com/isight feed. I haven’t had time to figure out how it will work but I promise it will be done. Stay tuned, a lot of updates will take place within the next few weeks and I hope to provide plenty of content to keep you busy. Warning: This site does not look right in Internet Explorer and I have no intention on making it IE compatible. Please use Firefox.