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New Host

A Small Orange

After having some server load issues with my previous host, I figured I need to switch. This afternoon I went for it and decided to go with A Small Orange. You should notice much faster load times from now on. If anyone is looking for inexpensive, yet reliable hosting, I highly recommend ASO.

I will also try to add more content now that school is out for a few months. Keep a look out for more K2 styles and an update to my Notification Pepper.

Flurry Lite

Flurry Lite is basically a single column layout of Flurry with some improvements to the commenting style, as well as a rotating header image. The file includes two schemes; one is revision 120 of the standard two-column layout, the other is the “lite” or single column layout. If there are any problems, please leave a comment.

Download Flurry Lite             r120, March 21, 2006

Slight Rearrange

Slight Rearrange

I’ve been tweaking the site little by little over the past few days. The main difference is the single column layout. I have eliminated the sidebar and placed its vital information in a section at the bottom. I’ve also implemented Michael’s Rolling Archives. By using AJAX, you can scroll through the archives, page by page, without rendering a whole new page.

The new, thin, layout is a K2 scheme in progress called Flurry Lite. It will be released very soon.

Welcome To My Place

Welcome. This blog is where I will express myself about many things as well as show a little of my graphical talent. I will be updating this site as I progress with my experiences with PHP and CSS. Most of the layout is done, the only things I have planned are to add a few features to the site bar, one in which is a “iSight(Apple Web Camera)”:http://apple.com/isight feed. I haven’t had time to figure out how it will work but I promise it will be done. Stay tuned, a lot of updates will take place within the next few weeks and I hope to provide plenty of content to keep you busy. Warning: This site does not look right in Internet Explorer and I have no intention on making it IE compatible. Please use Firefox.