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Flurry for K2WP2

Flurry for K2WP2

I have updated my personal K2 scheme, Flurry, to be compatible with the latest versions of K2 and Wordpress 2.0. I will continue to keep everyone updated with the latest releases using a notifier on the top of the main page. The notifier will contain a release version number as well as the release date. You can download the latest release date either in the download alert at the top or in this post.

Download Flurry, my personal K2 style. r114, Jan 8, 2006

Version 3, A Live Update


Keep in mind, this is a live update. All changes are being made right in front of your eyes. Problems may occur.

As you can tell, the site as been undergoing a new look. I have decided to use Michael Heilemann’s K2 template because of the flexibility and integration of some amazing features. K2 is basically an extensive WordPress template that adds the latest features in web development such as AJAX-powered commenting and live searching, aside posting, and support for easy CSS style switching.

I have implemented some new features myself so far. The Time of Day plugin displays a descriptive comment based on what time of the day a comment or post was made rather than displaying the actual time. Other changes are in the works.

I am currently working on my own custom CSS template as you can tell from the yellow alert box at the top of the front page. I will be keeping everyone updated with the progress of the new style with the percentage in the alert box. Some changes include a major color scheme modification as well as the header image which was a photograph that I took of the Mac OS X screensaver, Flurry. It took about nine tries before I finally snapped a photo that looked nice. Expect a S710 theme based on some of the photos.

Random News

Well I’m back. The trip was awesome, only bad thing was we didn’t have enough time to see everything that we wanted to visit. I’ll get some pictures up later. But for now I will update you with some random news that is going on.

School starts tomorrow. It won’t be so bad this semester because I’m only going Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I am going to start working on a complete site redesign. I get sick of the same look if you can’t tell. This design will not have any images. It will be based on complex CSS. IE will hate it.

US firmware for the PSP has been released. Check out my PSP Start Page for a nice looking site to add to your PSP browser bookmarks.

PSP Start Page

PSPStart Page

Alright it’s Thursday and I promised all you PSP owners a little treat. This is something that I was mainly working on for personal use, but I figured I would share it with everyone. PSP Start Page is basicly a PSP browser homepage with links to mostly PSP or “lite” versions of my favorite websites. If there are any links you would like for me to add feel free to drop a comment or contact me.

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PSP Version A Go

I spent a little time today working on a PSP version of Digital Delusion. I finally got it looking exactly the way I want, so check it out here.

Also I’ve been working on something pretty nice for the PSP users. Expect to see it Thursday.

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