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S710, A Review

A few days ago I decided to get a Sony Ericsson S710 instead of a iPod Nano. Why you ask? Because the S710 can do everything that an iPod can, plus more. From it’s outstanding media player features, to the 1.3 mega-pixel 8x zoom, to the unique design; this phone has it all.

S710 with iTunes card

Design: Probably the main reason this phone got my attention, the design is one of a kind. The 180-degree unique swivel design is what gave it the Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award. I’m a minimalistic guy so I love being able to hide the unused buttons while I navigate through the S710 user interface. I can’t stand any flip or clamshell style phones at all. I wanted something different and this certainly gave it to me. The swivel design also allows for a nice and comfortable two handed game pad. It’s the design of the phone that peoples attention. You wouldn’t belive the amount of compliments I’ve recieved the the three days that I’ve have it.

Camera: The 1.3 mega-pixel, 1280×960 resolution camera is certainly mind blowing. The way Sony Ericsson integrated the camera into this phone is amazing. When you want to take a picture, simple open the shutter on the back of the phone and then camera program starts. You even hold the phone sideways just like you would any other digital camera, with the shot button being on the top while in ‘camera mode’. Rather than having a traditional flash, the S710 has what they call a ‘camera light’ which acts identical to a flash but it stays on so you can adjust the light before you take the picture, therefore getting the exact picture you want in fewer shots. The light also provides constant visibility while recording video.

The video recorder can record up to 30 seconds of video at a time. I have only used the video recorder a few times but it has very high quality and playback.

UI: The main reason I stuck with Sony Ericsson was because of the ease in theming the user interface. I have already created 3 themes. One major difference in the S710 and the T637 that I noticed was that the S710 now supports full transparency. I can now make themes with transparent highlights, title bars, and tab controls. Thank you Sony Ericsson, thank you.

Media Player: The main reason I decided not to go with the iPod was the implementation of a MP3 player built into the phone. The quality of the sound is amazing, it stands up to my iPod 3G which was unexpected. The coolest feature about the media player is the ability to minimize the player into the status bar, thus giving you the freedom to do anything you want on the phone while listening to your audio.

The only drawback about the media player is the standard Sony Ericsson headphone port. Out of the box you cannot use a standard pair of headphones with the S710, only the annoying ear bud headphones that it comes with. But I have ordered an adapter so that I can use my Bose Triport headphones with it.

Storage: The S710 comes with 32 MB of storage which is plenty for themes, pictures, and contact storage. The MemoryStick provides as a removable storage device for the S710 extending its storage to an unnecessary amount. What is nice about the S710 is that it came with a MemoryStick reader allowing me to manage my three MemorySticks with much more ease than before. Previously I had to insert each card into my PSP and enable USB mode to manage the files on my computer, not anymore.

Connectivity: Bluetooth is all I care about. I wont be using infrared as it is quickly dying. Now that I think about it, I don’t believe I’ve ever used infrared. The WAP support is nice for quick things such as checking the weather and sports scores. I don’t plan on using it to much. I have my laptop for wireless internet.

Overall: This phone is simply amazing. I love the minimalistic design of the phone while it’s closed, as well as the powerful camera, and media player. This phone will stay with me for a long time.

If anyone is planning on getting this, I strongly recommend getting adapter to use your own headphones.

I’ll post some nice themes that I made once I get a few more done.