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Four Things

Four Things

I’ve been tagged by Elliott (who I haven’t heard from in long time). So without further a do, here it goes. Continue reading ‘Four Things’

Worst Thanksgiving, Ever

Broken PSP

So yesterday I was at my grandparents eating and enjoying time with the family. Everything was going perfect. As we were on our way out the door I dropped my PSP. Immediately I panicked. I handed the PSP to Wendy and told her to check it and make sure it worked. As I proceeded to back out of the driveway I asked her, “Does it work?” and she said “I don’t know. I can’t turn it on.”

Yep, the power switch broke. I can’t turn on my PSP. If anyone has any advice or knows where I can get a cheap replacement for the power switch circuit board, please let me know.

I’ve calmed down a little, I’m really hoping for a Video iPod for Christmas.

A November Nightmare

As a lot of people are aware of, an F3 tornado wiped out some of Southwestern Indiana early Sunday morning. So far 22 people have died, and hundreds are hospitalized or without a home.

At around 1:55 Sunday morning, Wendy and I were woken by the extremely loud thunder. By the time the storm was overhead a tornado warning was issued. We waited for the storm to pass until we went to bed, which was about 2:45. There was nothing reported about any tornado touching ground.

When my alarm went off at 8:00, I turned on the news and it was chaos. There are no words to describe how devastating this is. It just seems so surreal to know that a tornado just turned a horse racing track into splinters just miles south of my apartment. This is the deadliest tornado in 2005, more that doubling the total tornado deaths this year. The rare thing is that it happened in November.

Tornado Path

Here is the path of the destruction. The top red marker is my apartment and the lower red marker is the Ellis Park horse race track. The red line signifies the path. As you can tell, it crossed the Ohio River three times.

The Mobile Home Community

The worst of the damage was in a trailer park community where 17 of the 22 deaths occurred. The five other deaths occurred when the tornado continued into Warrick county. Search and rescue is complete for the most part. Now residents are focused on gathering what belongings are left, and cleaning up.

A Destroyed Home


My Desk

I spent some time yesterday cleaning my desk so I though I’d post a shot of it and describe what all is on it.

  1. Highly modified Xbox complete with the usual mods plus a nice jewel light mod that I did a while back. Soon to be completely white.
  2. iSight camera. Used for video chatting and security purposes.
  3. Sony PSP (Currently charging from playing too much Burnout Legends).
  4. Apple sticker!
  5. Logitech 2.1 speakers.
  6. Yes, it’s Master Chief.
  7. Bose Triport headphones (omg they kick ass).
  8. Fairly new Sony Ericsson S710.
  9. Apple iPod 3G 20GB. Right now it serves as a external harddrive until I get my replacement battery for it.
  10. Apple iBook.
  11. Logitech Cordless Precision controller for the Xbox.
  12. Apple Keyboard and Macally mouse.
  13. Epson C84 printer.

Random News

Well I’m back. The trip was awesome, only bad thing was we didn’t have enough time to see everything that we wanted to visit. I’ll get some pictures up later. But for now I will update you with some random news that is going on.

School starts tomorrow. It won’t be so bad this semester because I’m only going Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I am going to start working on a complete site redesign. I get sick of the same look if you can’t tell. This design will not have any images. It will be based on complex CSS. IE will hate it.

US firmware for the PSP has been released. Check out my PSP Start Page for a nice looking site to add to your PSP browser bookmarks.