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New TV Show Tuesday

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

It happened sooner than I thought. It seems NBC has joined the iTunes TV show bandwagon. When the TV section of the iTunes Music Store first opened, I thought it was a brilliant idea, but I wasn’t excited about it because I wasn’t a fan of any of the programs that they offered. Although NBC as been in 4th place for the past year, I seem to enjoy their programming much more. The iTunes Music Store now offers some of my favorite shows such as, The Office, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and even the old classic, Knight Rider.

Currently, the store seems to be swamped by people downloading The Office. I will be purchasing some of these shows regardless of whether or not I get a new iPod for Christmas.

Safari on Acid

Acid TestApple released 10.4.3 today which made improvements that include Airport and Bluetooth connection issues, improved Spotlight indexing and searching, Dashboard updates, and many other fixes. Most importantly, Safari is now the first browser to pass the Acid2 test. Acid2 is a page designed to help browser developers create their browsers based around the web standards. You can take the test here. If the browser passes the test it should display a smiley face like the one shown on the right. The closer it is to displaying the smiley face correctly, the closer it is to the standards. I have tested it on three different browsers. The first being Safari which passes the test with flying colors. Firefox which displays the colors, but not in the correct position. And then there’s IE which doesn’t really display much of anything.

To me, Safari has always been the most dominant browser, followed closely by Firefox. If it wasn’t for Firefox’s sluggish performance on OS X then I might use it more often, but for now, I’m with Safari 100%.

Nano: Which Freaking Color?


Since Apple released the Nano last week the hardest question for me was not whether or not to buy it, rather which color to get it in.

At first glance my initial reaction was to go with the white. I love the traditional, clean feel that the white brings to the Apple line of products, and I do believe that all Apple products should come in white.

But then there is the black which just looks so damn slick!

I am most likely going to place my order within a week. Until then I have no idea which color I will get.

Safari Start Page

Safari Start Page

Firefox has it’s own start page with Google. It’s simplicity allows for a nice homepage as well as access to the Google search engines. I decided to ‘rip’ the Firefox start page and make it more usable for Safari users. If I get in to any trouble by Google or Mozilla than I will take it down. For now it’s up for all of you Safari users.

Check it out!

Podcast Favorites

With the recent release of iTunes 4.9 the podcasting scene has exploded. Over the past week I have listened to many podcasts from a variety of categories and I must say they all sound very professionally done. Here are a few podcasts that I listen to and I think you should check out.

  • The Engadget podcasts provides tech related news on the top stories from the site. If you like technology you will enjoy this podcast. [rss]
  • One of my recent favorites is Diggnation brought to us by former ‘The ScreenSaver’ hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. While still based mostly on technology, they provide us with insight on the top Digg stories of the week. These two work very well together and bring a lot of humor to their stories. [rss]

Check those out for now and tell me what you think and I will update this list as more podcasts are released.