Mint 2.0

Mint 2.0

Shaun Inman, mastermind behind Mint, has released the much anticipated 2.0 updated for the popular stats program. In the update, Shaun gave the program a complete visual overhaul, as well as many improvements to increase the performance of the application. Here is a list of the major improvements taken from the feature highlights page:

  • staggered loading of Pepper data to improve page load time within Mint
  • numerous interface and hierarchy refinements including support for custom styles
  • improved pane tiling to reclaim wasted screen real estate
  • better management of additional database tables created by third-party Pepper
  • simple graphs (with an updated API to share this functionality with third-party Pepper developers)
  • full support for Internet Explorer 6+ including installation and administration
  • most Repeat, Popular and Common tabs can all be filtered by timespan
  • support for the official Bird Feeder Pepper for tracking your feeds with Mint
  • new Domains tab added to the Referrers pane groups referrers by domain and sorts by the number of referrers from each domain
  • Watched tab of the Pages pane has been expanded to display referrers of Watched pages
  • new Readers tab in the User Agent pane when the new Bird Feeder Pepper is installed shows the feed reader application and version
  • new Secret Crushes Pepper uses common blog and CMS cookies to automatically assign names to your visitors within Mint
  • new Real Estate Pepper tracks the width and height of the browser window
  • searches are now separated out into web and image
  • no longer tracks identifiable information by default (eg. ip addresses) to prevent conflicts with existing privacy policies
  • single column mode (perfect for uni-taskers and those with Wiis!)

With the update, all previous pepper plugins work without losing any functionality. Head over to the Peppermill and check out all the third-party peppers that add unlimited potential to Mint beyond the factory capabilities. Also, don’t for get my pepper, Notification.

Overall, $30 for a new license, or $19 for an upgrade is money well spent if you’re interested in tracking your website traffic.

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