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Open In Dashboard?

While browsing through Safari’s resource files I came across a few strange images. OpenInDashboard.tif appears to be a toolbar button. What does Apple have planned for this button? Could it be a widget manager built into Safari? Could it be a future Leopard feature? We’ll just have to wait and see.

WordPress Wallpaper

I got bored today and saw something that inspired me to create a simple WordPress wallpaper for myself and thought I’d share.

PSP Waves Background Set

I like the default backgrounds that the PSP comes with but I was getting bored of the ugly colors. So yesterday, I created a Photoshop template closely resembling the waves and decided to release it for anyone who felt the same as I did about the backgrounds. The pack includes six background colors as well as the PSD file.

Download the Waves background pack.

We’ve Moved

The New Apartment

Sorry for the lack of posts. I hate giving excuses, but once the semester ended so did our lease. So, I’ve been extremely busy organizing, packing, moving, and then reorganizing all of our crap. That’s right, we got a new apartment and it’s so much nicer than the old place. The area is a lot friendlier and I am 5 minutes from work, a lot closer than the 7-minute drive from the old place.

Now that the summer is here, I plan on posting more often.