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Flurry Lite

Flurry Lite is basically a single column layout of Flurry with some improvements to the commenting style, as well as a rotating header image. The file includes two schemes; one is revision 120 of the standard two-column layout, the other is the “lite” or single column layout. If there are any problems, please leave a comment.

Download Flurry Lite       r120, March 21, 2006

iTunes Backups With Smart Playlists

I came across this neat use for the smart playlist feature in iTunes. Essentially, it uses the iTunes smart playlist feature, along with its data and multi-disc burning capabilities, to create a quick and easy backup for all of your music. Below are the rules used for my backup playlist.

Smart Playlist Rules

As you can tell, I don’t want the backup to include my TV shows and podcasts. And since I created a backup today, I only want the next backup to include music added after my last backup. When I am ready to make the next backup, I simply insert a CD and click the burn button and it will backup additions to my library since my previous backup.

Very simple, what more could you ask for?

Ceramic White PSP

Ceramic PSP

Back in late November, I had a disappointing situation with my PSP. Wendy, being the greatest girlfriend that she is, decided to get me a new PSP as an early birthday gift and it arrived today. This isn’t the ordinary black Playstation Portable. She got me the Japanese exclusive, ceramic white PSP! The white looks absolutely amazing and it doesn’t leave behind fingerprints near as bad as the black. You can check out some pictures of it on my Flickr page.

Other great news is that I will also continue development on the PSP start page. So, if you have a PSP, check it out. I plan on getting some nice new features out fairly soon.