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Trent Was Outstanding

NIN in Lexington

So Friday I went to my very first concert and saw Nine Inch Nails in Lexington. It was an incredible experience. The only disappointment I had was that Trent didn’t play “Hurt.” Considering that he was hit in the eye with a lighter while playing it two nights earlier, I wouldn’t blame him. I will definitely be seeing them again the next chance I get. It was well worth the three hour drive there and back.

Slight Rearrange

Slight Rearrange

I’ve been tweaking the site little by little over the past few days. The main difference is the single column layout. I have eliminated the sidebar and placed its vital information in a section at the bottom. I’ve also implemented Michael’s Rolling Archives. By using AJAX, you can scroll through the archives, page by page, without rendering a whole new page.

The new, thin, layout is a K2 scheme in progress called Flurry Lite. It will be released very soon.

Notification Pepper


I’ve started development on a Mint pepper called Notification. Essentially, It will send a notification email to the author when the entered criteria is met. The only progress made so far is the install process and the input controls. Things still do to are; save the user preferences, pull the requested data from the database, and run the function to send the email.

I will post updates as progress is made.

Minty Fresh


Today I finally did it. After having my eye on it for a few months, I finally purchased Mint. Now I will be able to stalk each and every one of you.

Four Things

Four Things

I’ve been tagged by Elliott (who I haven’t heard from in long time). So without further a do, here it goes. Continue reading ‘Four Things’