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Newsvine Invitations


Thanks to Chris, I scored an invite to Newsvine.

At Newsvine, you can read breaking news from around the world, write your own articles, and publish links from across the web directly to your column. You’ll also keep ad revenue from all traffic your pages generate. Feel free to register and select a domain name for yourself ( whenever you’d like. It’s all free of course.

I am all out of invitations. I will update this if I receive more.

Future Setup

Future Setup

This is my future setup. In April when I pay off my car I am going to buy a Mac Mini with a nice 20″ Apple Cinema Display to accommodate my iBook.

Rejected Google Logos

Google Duck Hunt

Here is a list of some pretty funny rejected Google holiday logos. Quite funny!

Flurry for K2WP2

Flurry for K2WP2

I have updated my personal K2 scheme, Flurry, to be compatible with the latest versions of K2 and Wordpress 2.0. I will continue to keep everyone updated with the latest releases using a notifier on the top of the main page. The notifier will contain a release version number as well as the release date. You can download the latest release date either in the download alert at the top or in this post.

Download Flurry, my personal K2 style. r114, Jan 8, 2006