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Happy New Years

2006 LED Ball

It looks like Times Square is going LED this year. Happy New Year’s everyone. I’m going out to celebrate.

Lazy Sunday

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I know this is fairly old, but it’s hilarious. Download it free from the iTunes Music Store.

Quick Site Update


Just a quick update. I have updated the blog to WordPress 2.0 and K2 r153 with very few problems. I have also decided to do away with categories and start using tags. You can view the tag cloud on the archive page and there is also a list of used tags under the date on each post.

I am in the process of tweaking the K2 template as well as applying tags to all the previous posts.

Christmas Is Gone

My Christmas Gift

Wow, Christmas came and went extremely fast. I had probably the best Christmas so far. I received numerous books and movies that I had listed on my Amazon wish list, as well as a very nice Remington shaver, and a Video iPod.

PS3 Meets King Kong

This monster is huge. There is no way this will be a success in Japan unless they cut the size down dramatically.