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Safari on Acid

Acid TestApple released 10.4.3 today which made improvements that include Airport and Bluetooth connection issues, improved Spotlight indexing and searching, Dashboard updates, and many other fixes. Most importantly, Safari is now the first browser to pass the Acid2 test. Acid2 is a page designed to help browser developers create their browsers based around the web standards. You can take the test here. If the browser passes the test it should display a smiley face like the one shown on the right. The closer it is to displaying the smiley face correctly, the closer it is to the standards. I have tested it on three different browsers. The first being Safari which passes the test with flying colors. Firefox which displays the colors, but not in the correct position. And then there’s IE which doesn’t really display much of anything.

To me, Safari has always been the most dominant browser, followed closely by Firefox. If it wasn’t for Firefox’s sluggish performance on OS X then I might use it more often, but for now, I’m with Safari 100%.


So today I decided to trade in some unwanted PSP games for the new Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. I wasn’t too excited about it before the release, but after reading a lot of the reviews I decided to give it a shot. I’m a big fan of the previous GTA games, and so far this one hasn’t let me down. I’m not too far in to the game but I’ll try to get a review, or some tips up or something.

Now it’s time to go play.

Fall Festival: Day 3

Texas Tenderloin: $3.00 Munchie Lunchie:”(Mozzarella sticks, chicken strips, jalapeno poppers)”:: $3.50 Corndog: $1.50 Baklava: $1.50 Total: $9.50

Version 3, A Live Update


Keep in mind, this is a live update. All changes are being made right in front of your eyes. Problems may occur.

As you can tell, the site as been undergoing a new look. I have decided to use Michael Heilemann’s K2 template because of the flexibility and integration of some amazing features. K2 is basically an extensive WordPress template that adds the latest features in web development such as AJAX-powered commenting and live searching, aside posting, and support for easy CSS style switching.

I have implemented some new features myself so far. The Time of Day plugin displays a descriptive comment based on what time of the day a comment or post was made rather than displaying the actual time. Other changes are in the works.

I am currently working on my own custom CSS template as you can tell from the yellow alert box at the top of the front page. I will be keeping everyone updated with the progress of the new style with the percentage in the alert box. Some changes include a major color scheme modification as well as the header image which was a photograph that I took of the Mac OS X screensaver, Flurry. It took about nine tries before I finally snapped a photo that looked nice. Expect a S710 theme based on some of the photos.

Fall Festival: Day 2

Lemon Shake Up: $1.50 Foot long Chili Cheese Dog: $2.50 Nachos: $2.00 Puppy Chow: $2.50 Cajun Alligator Jerky:”(Made with real North American Alligator)”: $2.50 Total: $11.00