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Random News

Well I’m back. The trip was awesome, only bad thing was we didn’t have enough time to see everything that we wanted to visit. I’ll get some pictures up later. But for now I will update you with some random news that is going on.

School starts tomorrow. It won’t be so bad this semester because I’m only going Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I am going to start working on a complete site redesign. I get sick of the same look if you can’t tell. This design will not have any images. It will be based on complex CSS. IE will hate it.

US firmware for the PSP has been released. Check out my PSP Start Page for a nice looking site to add to your PSP browser bookmarks.

The Great Outdoors

So, we have about an hour until we leave for Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg and I’m pretty tired; I went to bed at 1 and woke up at 4. All of us are pretty excited about going because it’s out only real vacation of the year, although we did get out of Evansville just a few weeks ago. I checked the weather and everything couldn’t be better; mid 80’s and very little chances of rain. We will have plenty of beautiful mountainous pictures when we get back on Thursday. I may even post a few if I can find a WiFi hotspot.

PSP Start Page

PSPStart Page

Alright it’s Thursday and I promised all you PSP owners a little treat. This is something that I was mainly working on for personal use, but I figured I would share it with everyone. PSP Start Page is basicly a PSP browser homepage with links to mostly PSP or “lite” versions of my favorite websites. If there are any links you would like for me to add feel free to drop a comment or contact me.

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PSP Version A Go

I spent a little time today working on a PSP version of Digital Delusion. I finally got it looking exactly the way I want, so check it out here.

Also I’ve been working on something pretty nice for the PSP users. Expect to see it Thursday.

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Ry, Control Your Mac With Your PSP

Here is a pretty cool program for you Mac users with a PSP. Ry sets up a server on your Mac that will let you control iTunes, Safari, and DVD, as well as read your email and look at your clock. It is still in early development but I have a feeling this will go far.

I remember a while back I made something similar for my Xbox. I used XBMC’s webserver and my PSP with a custom webpage to control everything in XBMC. It was pretty nice to use my PSP to watch videos and listen to music on my Xbox. I’ll try to dig it up and show how I got it to work.

But If you have a Mac and own a PSP, check it out.

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