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PSP Digg

Last night I got bored and was surfing the net with my PSP. I kept getting memory errors when accessing my favorite news site, So I decided to make a PSP compatible Digg site. Basically it is just 3 RSS feeds with 10 items each. The first column contains the top Digg news that reaches the front page and the second column is newly submitted Digg news. Check it out here and enjoy.

Update: This has been taken down and replaced by my PSP Start Page

Safari Start Page

Safari Start Page

Firefox has it’s own start page with Google. It’s simplicity allows for a nice homepage as well as access to the Google search engines. I decided to ‘rip’ the Firefox start page and make it more usable for Safari users. If I get in to any trouble by Google or Mozilla than I will take it down. For now it’s up for all of you Safari users.

Check it out!

New Design

Wow, if you didn’t notice already the site went through a complete makeover, and it looks a lot better. There are still some bugs and other things that I would like to touch up but it is fine for the time being. Probably the biggest news about the new layout is that it now displays correctly in all browsers! I know! I decided to use tables instead of the easier div/css method which IE doesn’t play well with.

If you liked the old design better (which I don’t think anyone does) I’ve implemented a theme changer on the side bar so that you can select which works best with your eyes.

Another update that you should notice is the new poll on the sidebar. It’s a nice feature but it takes up a lot of space so it may not stay long.

Also check out the archives. I’m still working on this but it has a really cool way to search through old post archives.

In other news I have been offered to make a website for a local fish shop. I have a meeting with the owner on Tuesday so I might have more information then, but for now all I know is that their main focus is selling African Cichlids. I will be pretty busy in the next month because they are in a hurry to get everything done, so don’t expect to hear from me a whole lot.

It’s Been A While

I haven’t been able to post recently mainly because I have nothing to talk about, but I’ve decided to give a few updates on what has been going on.

First off, if you use Internet Explorer you probably aren’t reading this right now. Reason is, I’ve blocked all IE users from the site because IE can’t keep up with the compliant standards of the W3C, therefor my site is a bit ugly. I have stated this in the first post but I have noticed some IE users coming and going. I’ll say it again. Please use Firefox or any other browser besides Internet Explorer.

You will see a string of randomizing text in the lower right side of the header image. Those are random quotes from the Nine Inch Nails With Teeth album. I’m not completely sure if I like it but we will see, I might just need to find a better position for it.

Next thing you will notice is a new RSS feed on the sidebar. That is my Digg feed. Digg is basically a user submitted news site with easy built in features to collect and build your own database of stories to put on your site, somewhat like Delicious but Digg is much easier with better information. Update: Since Digg updates with new articles often I have decided changed the size of the feed to show 20 articles rather than 5. This way no one will miss any articles.

Also, I am thinking of doing a complete redesign of the site. I am one of those people who can’t stand to look at the same thing day after day, so once I come up with a new scheme or layout expect to see some drastic changes.

Annual 4th of July Party

The annual Austin Steele 4th of July party has just finished and I must say it was a blast. Over one hundred people, a buffet of food, fireworks, washer tournament, and forty coolers filled with beer results in one heck of a time. This year’s party started out like every other, everyone arrived around two o’clock with at least one cooler and their own contribution to the feast. I entered the washer tournament as I do every year and I was partnered up with my step-cousin Joel. The tournament was about half way done and we hadn’t lost a match yet when I look to the west and see a massive line of black clouds. As soon as the wind picks up everyone rushes to clean up all of the karaoke and other audio and lighting equipment that was set up. The storm lasted about a half hour with nothing but mild winds and a few sprinkles which was a surprise to everyone.

The washer tournament resumed once all the equipment was set back up. Joel and I were three matches away from being the champions. We swept the first game with minor difficulty and next on our list was John, who is a two time champion, and the neighbor Greg who lives his life around washers. The winners of this game are automatically in the championship match whereas the losers would be placed in the final match of the losers bracket which would determine who played in the championship game. Of course, we lost and were placed in the losers bracket but since the tournament is double elimination we still have a chance. We win in the losers bracket 21-2, not a problem. Now we face John and Greg again in the championship game; best two games out of three, but keep in mind that since they are undefeated, we will have to beat them twice to officially win. The first game is a fast one, ringer after ringer the crowd cheers and points are tallied up, but John and Greg take us 21-19. One more game and we are finished. The second game isn’t as smooth as the first. We are all feeling fatigue and our tosses aren’t near as accurate. Somehow they find a way to finish us off with a score of 21-17.

Congratulations to John and Greg for a spectacular tournament. I am very proud of myself and Joel for finishing runner-up considering the amount of people we beat and the amount of alcohol he consumed. I guess I can’t complain that much, I was the 2000 champion five years ago. But hats off to you two and to everyone else who made this annual party such a blast. I will try to post some pictures later.