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Site Update #1

Today I got a little bored and decided to add Gravatar support to the comments. I primarily did this to familiarize myself with PHP and how other syntax works. But if anyone reads this (which I doubt they do) feel free to drop a comment. Give me some suggestions and comments on what you think and don’t forget to sign up for a Gravatar so that everyone can recognize you.

Podcasting Is Here!

Today Apple has released a new version of iTunes that supports podcasting as well as a complete library of downloadable podcasts straight from the iTunes Music Store. They offer a variety of podcast categories that range from Arts and Entertainment to Comedy and even News and Politics as well. I have downloaded and listened to about five different podcasts and I must say, this will make iTunes much more popular with those who haven’t tried it or are just too lazy to switch audio software.

iPods have also been updated to support podcasting. It seems like the only models that have been updated are the 4G, the mini, and the shuffle. If you are like me and have one of the older third generation iPods then we seem to be out of luck for now. Hopefully Apple will update the firmware to support it, until then we can just listen to them with iTunes. But check it out if you haven’t already, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Welcome To My Place

Welcome. This blog is where I will express myself about many things as well as show a little of my graphical talent. I will be updating this site as I progress with my experiences with PHP and CSS. Most of the layout is done, the only things I have planned are to add a few features to the site bar, one in which is a “iSight(Apple Web Camera)”: feed. I haven’t had time to figure out how it will work but I promise it will be done. Stay tuned, a lot of updates will take place within the next few weeks and I hope to provide plenty of content to keep you busy. Warning: This site does not look right in Internet Explorer and I have no intention on making it IE compatible. Please use Firefox.